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Wedding Reception Formalities

Hosting a wedding is a complex combination of meeting the needs and requirements of several distinct groups of people. These groups are the guests, the caterers, the entertainment, the videographer or photographer and of course the bridal party and bride and groom. The needs I mentioned are the visions or expectations of each of the groups.

Wedding Guest Expectations

Your wedding guests are looking to be part of an exciting and unique celebration, also wanting to be part of an event that moves at a comfortable pace. If there are children among the guests, this could be even more challenging.

Caterers & Reception Staff Expectations

Your caterers want an event that is more precision based, where meals and events take place at specific moments. This is particularly important if you are planning a sit-down style of wedding reception.

Entertainment, Videographers & Photographers Expectations

Your band, DJ or selected entertainment will be happy to run to the schedule provided by either a venue or your MC. They are often accommodating of changes at wedding receptions, and often appreciate the guidance of a wedding mc.

Bridal Party Expectations

Your bridal party have similar expectations to your general wedding guests, and will often enjoy the spotlight and inclusion in the celebrations. Whilst they are an important feature of the wedding reception, a skilled host will be able to highlight their importance as a support network for the bride and groom.

Bride & Groom Expectations

A professional wedding MC will always meet with the bride and groom prior to the day of the wedding, to build and design the perfect wedding event. As a result, the bride and groom will be able to relax at their wedding reception, leaving the complexities in the hands of a capable wedding MC.

A professional wedding MC must also be ready to modify plans and schedules during the reception, in order to accommodate the requirements of the bride and groom.

Wedding Tradition Expectations

Since the middle ages, western weddings have adhered (at least in part) to the age-old traditions of middle England and mediaeval Europe. Thus, a professional wedding MC must understand the varying reception traditions, their history and their current application.

Whilst many wedding traditions are still enacted today, many have changed considerably from their original form, mainly due to changes in practicality, modern philosophy and secular persuasion.

The Art of Being a Wedding MC

The expertise in bringing together the needs and expectations of these groups in a seamless and professional manner, is the basis and art of wedding hosting.

Whilst many wedding couples may select a close friend or member of the family to act as a wedding host, nothing can replace or supplement the hiring of a professional wedding master of ceremonies.

For any wedding couple who is 'sitting on the fence' with this important decision, don't leave it to chance. Hire a professional Wedding MC today.

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