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Q.Can you make my wedding a casual affair
A.Yes, I can MC your wedding so that it has a relaxed causal feeling
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Q.How long will you stay at my reception
A.On the day of your wedding, I stay at your reception until the bride and groom has departed
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Q.When will you arrive at the wedding reception
A.On the day of your wedding, I will arrive at your reception half an hour before the guests are seated
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Q.When do I need to pay the balance
A.You need to pay the balance of monies in the week leading up to your wedding or event
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Q.What does a Master of Ceremonies do?
A.A Master of Ceremonies (also called an MC or Emcee), is responsible for coordinating the key events at the wedding reception
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Q.What are Telegrams?
A.Telegrams are an old fashioned tradition of sending 'regards and wishes' to a wedding couple, ususually sent from a family member or friend a great distance from the wedding. Telegrams have been superceded in modern times, due to the advancement in telecommunications technology and email
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Q.Can I get a relative or friend to MC my reception
A.Your reception is one of the biggest investments on your wedding day. In some cases it may be possible to use a relative, however, there is a large amount of experience required to be a successful MC. If your relative or friend does not have this experience, then you are taking a huge risk
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Q.Does an MC really make any difference to a wedding reception
A.An MC is an extremely important part of your wedding reception. The MC is the person that binds all the various components at your reception, to deliver a seamlessly smooth event
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Q.What is the traditional order of events at a western Wedding Reception?
A.The traditional order of events at a western wedding reception is - Entrance of the Bridal Party, Entrees (optional grace), Main Meals, Speeches, Cutting of the Cake, Bridal Waltz, Desserts, Removal of the Garter, Tossing of the Bridal Bouquet, and finally the departure
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Q.When is the Cutting of the Cake Ceremony?
A.Traditionally, the Cutting of the Cake ceremony takes place directly after the last speech (or directly after the reading of the telegrams). The ceremony consists of the groom placing his hand atop the bride's hand, whilst firmly holding a knife poised over the wedding cake. The poised position allows for eager guests to snap a few photos. Finally, the bride and groom will push the knife down into the cake to complete the ceremony
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Q.Is it a good idea to read out Telegrams at the reception?
A.The decision to read out telegrams is often tedious for many wedding guests. If you are planning to read out telegrams at your reception, be sure to edit them carefully and (more importantly), keep them short and concise
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Q.Can you host Italian weddings
A.Yes, I have hosted and compered many Italian weddings
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Q.Can you host a black tie wedding
A.Yes, I generally host weddings that are either casual, semi-formal or strictly traditional
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Q.What sort of experience have you had as an MC
A.I have hosted and compered thousands of weddings over many years, in both Melbourne and Regional Victoria
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